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Rains is a lifestyle brand that reimagines people’s connection to the outdoors. Rooted in avid exploration, Rains innovates through an urban lens that bridges Scandinavian minimalism with technical outerwear and bags. Its designs blend a conceptual-meets-functional approach and a signature coated fabric identity. Each season offers a consistently elevated curation of
signature pieces and innovative iterations to consumers around the globe.

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Rains Story

Founded in 2012 by three co-founders Daniel Brix, Philip Lotko, and Kenneth Davids, Rains originated from an initiative to reinterpret the traditional rubber raincoat in a novel way. 

Rains’ began from humble roots. What was a side project grew to become a legitimate business. The first and only product launched in 2012 was an elegant oversized poncho cut from soft, PU rubberized polyester fabric with street-inspired details. The following season, Rains launched with a full collection of waterproof apparel, bags, and accessories.

Each collection continues in the same spirit; delivering a mix of updated designs from the archives and original solutions found exclusively at Rains.

Today, Rains has grown to become an international company with multiple offices, warehouses, stores, and showrooms around the world. 

In 2024, Rains will relocate to a new headquarters in Lisbjerg, Denmark, covering approximately 6000 square meters.

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